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I was trading for 2 years, and gave up after what it seemed like the world was just stopping me from winning!

I'm now revisiting my goal of making money from the E-mini market with a starting capital of $3,000.

Please know that I am not attempting to teach anything nor sell anything here. Trading is risky business. It's a common believe that 80-90% of traders lose money


1st Day of Testing

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

It took me many weeks to get Ninjatrader up and running again on my computer. I had to re-learn how to set up my charts, how to load the historical data, etc.

After putting my indicators together, today is the first day I am testing my strategy, which produced 2 trades which lasted about 1.5 hours.

I broke even on the first trade. The 2nd trade made me 2 points on the 1st lot, and 5.5 points on the 2nd lot. That's about $375 of profit for both lots before commission.

As I type this, I am still amazed at that sweet sweet take profit on the tip of the shadow.

Hopefully, there'll be more of the same to come..

I'm Back!

It's been about 5 years since I've last posted.

Just right after my forward testing, there were a heap of changes that occured. The way ticks were counted had changed, Ninjatrader upgraded from 6.5 to 7.0, my computer crashed after upgrading windows. It seemed like the world just wanted to stop me from trading.

Now new found motivation, I'm back and I'm putting together a similar strategy incorporating some new tools & indicators.

Mission Accomplished!

Saturday, October 10, 2009

It's been an exciting 10 weeks. There were up and down moments, and a lot of learning and discovering.

If I hadn't had this blog, I might have had trouble keeping discipline. In the past, what I would have done was to do about 5 days of backtesting historical data, then 5 days of trading on my demo account, then I'd hit the road straight trading live. Guess what happened to my account after that? No prizes for guessing it right.

Trading live is totally different from backtesting. So, to anyone who is looking to become successful in trading, I would highly recommend doing something like this for yourself! Get all the ground work right, and while doing that, don't feel like you're getting left out with all the huge market moves.

I'll be checking back on this blog now and again as I progress with trading on my real account!

Once again, thank you everyone who has been following this blog!

Week 10: Day 50

Week 10: Day 50, originally uploaded by 10k10weeks.

Made a killing in pre-market trading, but I was adamant about being short-biased today, so I made the mistake of ignoring the trend change upon opening bell. So that led me to just looking for only shorts. That's like driving in your car, and ignoring the red lights!

Good thing is that at least this happened before I go live next week.

So it's a loss of $600.00 during cash market. But for the whole day, I still netted $2,400.00.

Week 10: Day 50 (Pre-market)

Friday, October 9, 2009

Week 10: Day 50 (Pre-market), originally uploaded by 10k10weeks.

Did an aweful lot of pre-trading today, and that's cause the signals were just so neat and tidy mostly. I just couldn't resist..

So I did 4 trades, with 3 winners and 1 loser that was owed to an error entry.

Made $3,000.00, and I'm now waiting for the opening bell.

Week 10: Day 49

Week 10: Day 49, originally uploaded by 10k10weeks.

Now this is the 2nd half of today's story..

I just wanted to relive how it feels to be trading many trades during cash market.

I made a staggering 9 trades with the assumption that it was going to be a ranging day. So as the market chopped downwards, I kept trying to get my longs in. In total, I made a loss of $900.00.

The killer blow is that the 10th signal would have been my winner! And it would have bagged me at least $1,100.00 minimum. Anyway, thats how it goes sometimes.

This exercise was something I wanted to do before I go live next week. Also, I've activated my Ninjatrader license. It's all smooth and I'm good to go for next week

All in all, today ends with a profit of $1,325.00

Week 10: Day 49 (Pre-market)

Week 10: Day 49, originally uploaded by 10k10weeks.

Very nice pre-market trading today.

Made $2,225.00, but could have been a little more.

And then I waited for the opening bell to trade... so this is only the first half of today's story..

Week 10: Day 48

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Week 10: Day 48, originally uploaded by 10k10weeks.

I guess its just a slow and steady day today.

Made 2 entries today to trade one long move. It was a 7 point move, so I stopped for the day.

Bagged a profit of $1,350.00.

Week 10: Day 47

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Week 10: Day 47, originally uploaded by 10k10weeks.

There wasn't any news today, but a huge pre-market rally (which I missed) produced a couple of great setups just before the opening bell and also after.

Made 4 trades today, and ended the day with a profit of $1,675.00

Week 10: Day 46

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Week 10: Day 46, originally uploaded by 10k10weeks.

Today I traded more. That's because last week most of my trades were done trading before the opening bell. So this week I want to practise with trades after the opening bell as well. I don't want to get rusty before I go live!

Anyway, the market was just moving like crazy after it opened but I kept my head level and just executed the trades like how I'd usually do, just that I had to be much much faster. No hesitations!

It turns out to be another good day, taking $1,825.00 of profits.

Week 9: Summary

This was a huge week!

I made $5,500.00 in this week alone. But that's thanks to many good trades with slow and safe setups, giving huge returns. And upon writing this summary only did I realise that I didn't have any losing trades the whole week! Never done that before. It sure feels good.

So in just 9 weeks, I have met my $10k target. However, I shall continue until the whole 10 weeks are up.

5 Winners
0 Losers
1 Breakeven

Largest losing streak = $0.00
Largest loser = $0.00
Largest winning streak = $5,500.00
Largest winner = $3,225.00

Week 1 +$325.00
Week 2 +$862.50
Week 3 +$150.00
Week 4 -$337.50
Week 5 +$1,037.50
Week 6 +$1,075.00
Week 7: +$562.50
Week 8: +$2,912.50
Week 9: +$5,500.00

Total P/L: +$12,087.50 (121% of 10k target)

Week 9: Day 45

Friday, October 2, 2009

Week 9: Day 45, originally uploaded by 10k10weeks.

We saw a very tight range premarket trading. So I caught a short somewhere near one of the tops before I had to leave my desk in a rush.

The market slowly worked its way down, and I was patient not to take any profit, cause I just wanted to wait for the news break. And when the news did break, the market tanked, and I took profit 1 tick from the bottom of the initial sell off move.

I made a total of $3,225.00 on this one trade alone!

What a dramatic way to end this project. Total profits as of today stands at $12,087.50.

So that's $10k in 9 weeks!

I'll throw in the summary over the weekend.